Mrs. Matley - 7th grade Math

Welcome to Mrs. Matley's 7th grade math class.

I would like all of my students to be successful.  In order to keep their work organized, students should have a Bellwork Packet (spiral notebook or a section in a binder), a Notes Packet, pencils (not ink pens), and extra paper.

You should expect your child to have homework every Tuesday and Thursday.  This homework will be due the day after it is given.  Students will also have an opportunity to make corrections to any homework assignment that did not earn a full 10 points. Students will have about 2 weeks after the graded assignment is returned to make corrections or to turn in late assignments so that they can earn additional points.  

Students, don't forget to study your notes or review your Bellwork Packet 10 to 15 minutes per night!

Thank you,
Mrs. Matley